Our Dojo is equipped with the best training weapons and safety gear.  We pride ourselves on not ever having any serious injuries.  Each Student will have to supply their own training tools (Weapons) at some point in time.
Here is what you will need,

6' BO Staff, 4' JO Staff, 3' HANBO Staff, Wooden Bokken, Wooden Knife (Tanto), and a Dull Sword Set.
All of these weapons are available at the Dojo at a major discount to Kogen Students.  It is not important to buy everything at once if you can not afford it.  Some of these weapons maybe borrowed in the Dojo for a short time.

Your Uniform and book / handouts will be supplied with your membership sign-up in the beginning.
All patches are FREE.

The only other items you will need on a daily basis is a clean pair of black socks and a black T-shirt, and a 3-Ring Note Book. All are required at each class.  Sorry no Outdoor Tabi are allowed in the Dojo, only at NInja Camps.